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Marketing Expert Wesley Harrison Shows You How To Help Business Owners and Be Paid Well For It!

Inside, discover how to:
Spend 1 hour, Apply The Knowledge You Gain, Get 9 Clients...
Shoot 1 Video, Get $3800.00 (+ monthly) Clients...
Make 'Rainy Day' Packages that get Prospects Calling You...
...and So Much More...

Imagine This:
"Ask One Question, Close 9 Clients in 7 Days or Less...

... so you can earn a minimum average of $500.00 + monthly per client, and that's not even counting the referrals..."

From The Desk Of Wesley J. Harrison
-Kansas City, MO

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Elite Coaching is designed so you instantly overcome the 4 biggest hurdles you probably face. Credibility, Confidence, Fulfillment fear & and know how Support. Once these obstacles are overcome, the next problem conquered is... 

Getting to the decision maker and proving value so they actually buy! This is the single biggest frustration experienced by all consultants, online & offline. Well... Your Frustrations Now End Forever!

You are about to discover how you can use the exact same methods I personally use to open doors, establish rapport and prove your value to any business quickly and effortlessly. So that in less than a few minutes of engagement, they are asking you "How Much For You To Take Care of This For Me?"

To start you off right, outlined below are 3 step by step Barrier Breaker Methods that will open ANY door, Establish Irresistible Value, and Get You Clients in just a few minutes - Guaranteed! Let's get the show on the road!

"... Wes, my children's financial future is secure, thanks to you, your knowledge and your inspiration."

B. White, Australia

Have you noticed how business owners seem to go deaf as soon as you mention anything about internet marketing?

Isn't it frustrating to try a new 'secret method', 'secret technique' or 'magic software' only to find that it doesn't work? If you ask me there is nothing more frustrating than reading or hearing a really good sales pitch about crap that does not work.

I want YOU free of that! You will have my real world knowledge and real world techniques that are proven to work. And They Work Great!

Richard Closed His First Client for $600.00 in ONE DAY after Learning What To Say and so can you!

You'll find it so refreshing that for once when you follow a specific blueprint and do a step, the reaction you receive from the business owners is that of pure gratitude and thankfulness! The warm smile is heartfelt.

...And the best part is these basic steps and simple methods are tried, true, tested... and actually work!

No More Spinning Circles, You Will Make Progress, Finally.
The Following Issues are Solved. Imagine Having...

  • Instant Confidence Knowing You Have a Team Of Experts on Your Side To Conquer Anything (and you have me).
  • Instant Credibility - You Will Have More Verifiable Proof Than You'll Know What To Do With. We have thousands of verifyable results.
  • Fullfillment Resources. You Will Have Access To My Fulfillment Team & Secrets! Outsourcers & Everything.
  • Support. Inside You Have a TEAM On Your Side. It's unbelieveable the power of the collective we have built.
  • Increased Productivity. Stop spinning Circles, We Show You Exactly What and HOW to Make Progress Fast!
  • Accountability - If you ask us to, we will hold you accountable, ruthlessly.

Our First Lead Generation Campaign Is Dated 2009. It's Still On Page One, Still Generating Calls. We Have Campaigns Globally. 100% Verifiable 100% Contactable for proof.
Your Instant Confidence Booster!

Actual Conversation Snippet. "This all sounds good but how long do these campaigns you make last?"

Your reply is, "Let me show you this one, it's actually the one that started all of this." You pull up proof of a campaign and show them the date: Oct/31/2009. Then you pull up one that was made a few days ago, then you pull up one from halfway around the globe. You Now Confidently Say: "What we do works. It worked then, it works now and it works internationally! This isn't groupon or valpak with a limited number of eyeballs." You Now Have Their Complete Attention!

Feeling The Confidence and Credibility You Have Knowing Your International Marketing Team is ON Your Side, Priceless!

"...I got two paying clients out of the 20 I contacted using your rainy day method (they called me). Btw, it's 2 clients at 495+ to start..."

Mike H.

Elite Coaching Objectives:


1.Each Training is designed to be a self contained income producing system.
2.Implementation of lessons without the need for additional information.
3.Be quickly adaptable to market changes.
4.Emphasis On: Opening the door, Building the Rapport, Transitioning into higher fee's, Get them begging to refer your services.
5. Must Be adaptable to any niche market.
6.Must Be rapidly implementable.

3 Barrier Breakers Outlined...

Barrier Breaker #1)

Imagine being able to ask just one question and establish instant rapport with the actual decision maker. How great would it feel to  have them thank you for asking them?

Would You Like To Know The Question? I'll tell you and it's quite simple really. You won't believe me when I tell you. Please do not modify it and screw it up.

Simply ask them if they would like a testimonial posted online. See what the response is...mikes-camera-store

If they are not the person who has the authority to make decisions, you will be taken (most likely drug) to the decision maker where you have now have an opportunity to build credibility, share proven results, establish your authority and credentials (even if today is your first day).

Fact: People do business with people they know, like and trust. When you provide real, relevant, and useful information they can use immediately to increase profits in their business, you build instant credibility and authority.

"When you can describe a persons fears, frustrations, wants and desires to them better than they can describe it themselves , they instantly perceive you as an expert and automatically assume you have the solutions they seek."       Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall

Inside the membership, you learn how to ask them about the testimonial so it conveys that you understand them and their frustrations better than they do, and it instantly positions you as a marketing expert.

Using the testimonial method blasts through 'normal' barriers and magic happens!

(..and I'll show you the easiest way in the world to create testimonials SO effective business owners will hire you because of the ones you've made for their competition. It's amazing how that works out...ssshhhh - super easy and fast too...)

Barrier Breaker #2)

Use the fact Google Is Constantly Changing the Rules to your advantage (Thank You Google)!laminate-card-back-05-update

This is by far one of the easiest ways you can present massive value to any business owner. Just ask them if they are aware of the latest changes and show them what Google has changed AGAIN regarding their business listing!

How It works: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words." When you know exactly what to show them using your pre-formatted templates in the members area and can prove what the consequences of ignoring your question is, you'll gain an advantage no other 'marketers' calling them have. You instantly establish rapport and credibility!

It was using this single method alone that Don closed 9 (nine-9-nine) clients in less than 7 days!
UPDATE: He Is Now Negotiating a Potentially 6 Figure Deal Because Of This! (from a referral from one of the 9)

With this information You Will Be Able To Confidently Share Information With Them Knowing What You Are Sharing Is Absolutely VITAL To Their Business - If They Say No, IT'S THEIR LOSS, NOT YOURS!

Barrier Breaker #3)

How would you like to have business owners calling you asking you for your services?dm-package-2

This works 24/7 365 days a year and compliments any prospecting activities you are currently doing.

Use Lumpy Mail. It's no secret lumpy mail works. BUT, I've refined and tested it for you. Would you like to have a complete from beginning to end step by step case study and an outlined blueprint of exactly what to do, how to do it, where to get the materials? It's inside the membership!

Barrier Breaker #4)

Bonus Methods - It's actually two methods in one that are so powerful I can't tell you about them here. They will work for you flawlessly.

This Barrier Breaker is the perfect solution if you are super nervous (from just starting) or if you are an expert and have a potential prospect on the fence that can't commit - this is the deal closer!

Armed with all the refined Barrier Breaker Methods
you will never fear being told 'no' again!

"...and today I closed a $3500.00 deal with a dentist using your exact outline - Thanks Wes!"

Elite Coaching Starts With
The OBB 2.0 Instant Success System
You Need Clients Today - Here's How

Everything you need to succeed is inside. You will get your message heard by a decision maker (the hardest part of offline marketing) and you'll be doing this easily and effortlessly once you have been inside the members area.

Each Barrier Breaker method is expanded into Step-by-Step modules.

Each module is complete with 'How To' instructions, examples and explanations. Short and to the point.

This is by far the single best investment you can make in your offline marketing career. Once inside, in less than two hours, you'll know exactly how to get clients. Envision how good it will feel to close $4500.00 worth of clients , and know exactly how to get the services fulfilled! Awesomeness is my description.

I don't dream this stuff up and then sell it to you - I do it live, in the field everyday and bring you the best of the best results that you emulate right away to go get your clients today. Your Success Is Assured and this is why I give you the following tools and methods:

Barrier Breaker #1) The Testimonial. I give you my most effective presentation about offering a testimonial.

Barrier Breaker #2) Using the rule changes that Google makes on a daily basis to your advantage is easy once you have the magic segue phrase from testimonial to presentation.

Barrier Breaker #3) The Rainy Day Lumpy Mail System I use that is generating 17% response (that works 24/7 365). This is my complete blueprint. Nothing hidden.

Barrier Breaker #4) Bonus Methods - One word - Effective.

Your DONE FOR YOU Elements & Tools That Instantly Positioning You as The Authority

  • Google Rule Change Laminated Card Template PSD & JPG,
  • Professional Marketing Services and Business Consultant Videos
  • Fully Responsive Consultants Website and Graphics PSD & JPG commercial usage rights included.
  • Bonus niche theme graphics pack (Plumber) commercial usage rights included.
  • Recorded Advanced workshops and case studies Don Tells all how he landed the 9 clients in less than 7 days
  • Weekly Coaching calls to help get your success fast-tracked.
  • Exclusive Skype Group
  • Email Support
  • Members have private access to me and my credentials to help position you as an expert.
  • Over Two Years of the Best of the Best Weekly Training calls
  • Real live Examples - I am out here doing this and I show you real time what is happening today
  • Process maps and tools.
  • Software Shortcuts and Secrets to shorten your learning curve.
  • Every tool and resource you can think of and so much more (qr code generators, mobile scripts, responsive themes, royalty free music, royalty free images, far to much to list here.

"...the phone rang, long story short, they want my services for all 400 of their clients... "

Credibility Is IMPORTANT:
Check Out These INCLUDED Done For You Elements
Instantly Establish Market Position and Expert Authority

Done For You Professional Videos & Responsive WP Site
Instant Market Position Gives You Incredible Confidence

Your Confidence Soars Through Instant Market Positioning. When you show them YOUR Fully Responsive, Beautiful Website and happen to mention that you could even make one just like it for them, it's a feeling inside like no other (the included done for you theme installs in two minutes).

In fact, not only could you set up a nice site like this for them but you could actually create a complete lead generation campaign for them that will attract customers seeking their highest profit products and services...

If you mention this to them, now you've really grabbed their attention.

When you plant this seed in their mind, they will ask you how you do this and Whamo - You Have A Potential Client Asking You For More!

Check Out The Professional Videos and Fully Responsive site that installs in 2 minutes below

"We landed 3.5 clients on a holiday (presidents day). It's 3.5 because one client (the vet) said okay but wanted her husband to know first...."

M. Moore

These 36 Professional Videos Are Included:

Thirty Six Professioanal Videos In All

2 subjects x 6 colors x 3 formats = 36 videos in all

Watermark Removed, 6 color options, 3 formats: mp4, mov, wmv)

Business Consultant

6 Color Choices
ormats: MP4, MOV, WMV

Marketing Service

6 Color Choices
Formats: MP4, MOV, WMV

Included Color Optins: Silver, Orange, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple   Formats: MP4, MOV, WMV

Included Responsive Consultants Theme

(Surprise Bonus Niche Theme Package Included Too)

(click the image below to see a live example)

Pre-Configured, Fully Responsive Beautiful WordPress Site (2 min install)

Your Ready to go Consultants Theme is Built Upon Elegant Themes Divi Foundation. You'll Get version 2.0

It is by far one of the best themes I have ever worked with. It is SO flexible I do not have all the space necessary to list all the features this has. Just know that I have updated it and added all the necessary plugins, graphics, and have all the pages "presembled' for you.

All you have to do is add your 'voice' by adding in your content (I cannot do that for you, or I would have ...) Watch the two minute installation:

2 Minute Install - Watch me prove it

Once your site is installed, you have access to tutorials showing you how change out the Logo to yours in less than 3  minutes from beginning to end - Including How To Make a logo for free!

Average time to be up and running with your new beautiful, fully  responsive consultants site is about 15 minutes. All 'How To' steps are covered. Google is rewarding people for moving to a responsive design. You are at the cutting edge! When you show your clients, they'll want one too - Your First Upsell (3500.00 average).

And there is so much more you will do with this Theme - It alone is worth 10X the price of admission! This theme is so beautiful, it will establish and Boost your credibility almost by itself!

Your Success is Finally One Click Away

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For today only I have locked the price at the lowest it will ever be.
Click the button below and take advantage of this special offer

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You are covered by my personal 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with my products and/or services  I provide you, at the price I am asking, there is no charge what-so-ever.

"...I'm back in the UK for a week and have lined up at least one video interview (with a dentist) who's agreed to cover the editing costs ($600) and give me a cut if it brings in leads... (many thanks for that idea! ;)..."

Richard S

6 Figure Earning Student
Speaks Out About Wes

"...It all starts with being able to get the door open!
That's what Offline Barrier Breakers is all about."

Join Us Today and Start Your Business Right!
Fast Track Success Using Proven Methods.
You're Covered by My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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100% customer satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with my products and/or services  I provide you, at the price I am asking, there is no charge what-so-ever.

Since You're Still Here...
Here's a Live Example of What You'll Be Able To Do Too!

Close Your Eyes and Envision This Situation

A Friend Invites You To A Meeting,
There's a Person Giving  Presentation
You Take Out Your Phone & Record it
You Rank That 1  video,
(page one in 5 minutes or less)
In 8 Hours It gets 38+ Page One Spot's
and it Lands You a $3800.00+ Client
How Would That Make You Feel?

This ONE video lead to a $3800.00 job (+monthly).
Shot From My Phone - Proof Below

There Was No Pitch, All I asked Sandi was this:
If One Video = 38+ page one listings in less than 8 hours...

Can You Imagine What 100 Videos Could Do For You?

(She Retained My Services On The Spot!)

Get this, I shared this example in our weekly Wednesday night training. I explained how simple it is and the exact process I used to rank her video. Not to be out done, Don goes and gets three new clients the next day doing the exact same thing! Way To Go Don!

You'll know exactly how to use nothing more than your smart phone to get jobs that pay $$$$ NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE... I was at a meeting with a friend and shot a video with my phone...
How Much Simpler Could It Get?

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I'm Looking forward to helping you succeed. There is NO Risk and Everything To Gain. See You On The Inside!

"Action Trumps Knowledge" Take Action, Sign up and you'll have the knowledge you need, the team you need, the tools you need, and you'll have access to me. Quadruple Win!

Fun Fact: Amazingly enough, I've learned that after spending 40+ thousand dollars on all the tools and shiny widgets you can imagine, it comes back down to what I already had. It is the knowing what is working today and having a team for inspiration that helps make it all possible. None of what this letter explains would have been possible without the team members inside Elite Coaching. They say their success wouldn't have been possible without Elite Coaching and me - you see, we truly are a team! I sincerely hope you join us.

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Chris Smith Share Insights

video placeholder

I've been following Wes Harrison and his teachings for the last couple of years and must say, if you are looking for a straight shooter in the offline consulting realm then Wes is the man.

He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to "real world consulting" and providing valuable techniques for not only landing clients but providing excellent service after the sale and managing client expectations.

I am a member of several high end coaching programs for internet marketing and most drop the ball when it comes to sales/foot in the door techniques....Wes trumps them all with his no-nonsense, practical approach to client consulting/acquisition.

If you are on the fence about ANY of his programs get off it! The level of support Wes provides alone is priceless (I really dont think this dude sleeps!)

Anyway, thanks Wes for all your valuable insights over the years and instilling the "pig-headed determination and discipline", needed to succeed, you rock!

-Chris Smith, NH